Saturday, January 1

→ PёήήЎ ‘s SHANG HAI holiday ←

*Lets get start of my 1st blogging…& begin with my stories…

PёήήЎ ‘s SHANG HAI holiday

1st time travel by aeroplane… (shh..dont laugh at me)
  18th DEC  --- B4 out 2 travel…4 sure  is packing…


*skip ~ skip…

19th DEC ~A day after~
5.00am+wake up
6.00am+going 2 KLIA
7.30am+check in
8.30am+entering the departures
9.30am+off to fly to see the sky~ TV~wont get bored easy~
Breakfast~"yummy x2"
Ice-cream 4 dessert !!!
The weather is getting colder~Near to SHANGHAI...
B4 landing...Pass through the sea...
& some ships where there...
After 4hour 45minit...
We reach SHANGHAI PU DONG airport~ 

*skip ~ skip…

night street~
Dinner 4 2nite~
A big bottle of 7 up~
oh...if here...when u order 7up...they will give you Sprite!!!

Ps : according 2 your knowledge...
Do not call those waitress as xiao jie"小姐"
As 4 them is mean : "陪酒女郎"

*skip ~ skip…

20th DEC ~ Yu Yuan  *豫园

4lowing the guidebook~
& we walk 2 CHENG HUANG MIAO城隍庙~
it juz only 20mins from our hotel~
Cure our stomach from starving...
So we had our lunch right here~
Duno cal wat wat udong mian~"yummy"
Saw the PAO with straw?
4got the name lah~duno wat 汤汁包 i think...
HO CHIAK use 2 promote b4~
Cheng Huang Miao under Yu Garden~
Enter this temple also need 2 buy ticket~

*skip ~ skip...


Walk from our place only take 15mins~
Boring Place~TeeHee

zoom x2
zoom x4
zoom x8
erm...inside have 3level~
3rd level~

*Antique furniture...

*many more but...
aiya...history...not nit to know so much ela~

22th DEC ~ Oriental Pearl Tower x 东方明珠 !!!

Height : 468m~
Asia tallest tower~
erm...ShangHai TWIN toWer~
Tall building near by~

*skip ~ skip...
Next to the oreintal pearl tower~
SHANGHAI Ocean Aquarium~
*Sea Dragon...
*Bla Bla Bla...

*skip ~ skip...

23th DEC ~ Travel along the city !!!

Travel to view the city by double decker~

*on the double decker~

*skip ~ skip...

24th DEC ~ Christmas eve !!!

*Raffles complex...

*Is a moutain of FERRERO ROCHER !!!

*skip ~ skip...

25th DEC ~ Christmas !!!

the Only chuch i have been see so long right here~

ღ  Simply Capture Some Christmas Pic from difference place right here~ Christmas present !!!
Thank Q PaPa & Mama~

TeeHee...Y beg only ? Because having OFFER ma !!!
but oso more than 300 yuan~

26th DEC ~ SHOPPING !!!

whole street was also shopping complex~

Night view of NANJING ROAD~

*Other place of shopping center~

*skip ~ skip...

27th DEC ~ WAX MuSEum !!!

 Right here...10th floor~

*skip ~ skip...

*skip ~ skip...

30th DEC ~ BYE !!!

 END !!!