Thursday, December 12


Wootz… Just blink the eyes and already end of the year ~~~
So ya… Resting a month at home and waiting for calls after interview but didn’t receive any calls~~~Fail*

I had been to a company interview for designer assistant but only took 5min interview-ing~~~
Gosh…Wat ??? feeling humiliated … Cause im freshly graduate & my portfolio wasn’t strong enough~~
(been mention that the things I learn in my academy was old fashion, maybe is true..but kindly hurt me…I was thinking day and night am I wrong to choose for the Academy)
And was told that there is no position for me unless is internship~ Yes! Asked me go for an internship…
Well…Since im jobless & wasting time at home…So I decide to find an intern job…and finally got reply after trying a few intern position from a few local designer ~…
Clothier Creation Sdn Bhd (Khoon Hooi) ~ Teehee…get to intern in the workshop where the place to produce pretties outfits`Wohoo…
Hopefully I can finish my intern and get a recommendation letter for a job`
After that company I went which make me feel depress~ Never simply go for an interview!  
I want to be prepared !

#Intern Day 1
Task: Hand stitches the hook on a belt~
And I think I was fail… I did not realise my stitches was so bad even just a simple hook till the superviser pass to a Bangala to redo !
Hmm~ Then the supervisor pass me a new task which is open up all the tread from a well done skirt with ostrich feather ~ 
  problem: extend layer on the skirt 

#Intern Day 2
Got a chance to learn to make a Chinese button knot~  *Happy Mood

 #Intern Day 3
Cut & Paste fabric sample`

#Intern Day 4
Simple hand stitches the lace on the dress ~
Prepare more Chinese button for coming CNY but Christmas havent reach`
Practice Make Perfect ! 

#Intern Day 5
Tagging Label~
1st fold half to get the center 
tag the 4corner of label on the middle of skirt~~~
 & also some customer bring back the little kids wear cheongsam to extend the length~
Good Idea!!! When the kids growth taller, still can wear it back :D
This is so good~the length suppose to be on the white side~but then add on another colourful pieces as extended the length~so when the kids grow taller could wear it again since only wear cheongsam at the CNY moment~~~

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