Saturday, April 14

2012 S/S Sg.Wang Fashion Show ♥

S/S 2012 Sg. Wang Fashion Show  

Backstage with my model KIM
 Before the show start
YuYing haven’t finish touch up her dress
Damn LotsFull with Diamond + Pearl
We all are helping her to complete the dress in last min XD
My MUA + Hairstylist WeiXin  
YuYing doing her hair  
Makeup by WeiXin  
Just nice not too smoky XD
Pretty classmate  

Before Show Start my Camera almost out of battery! @#$%@#$%
Snapping to lots of photo before show start
The Ladies without joining the show XD
Angel & Erra
Nice Stage this year 2012 ! 
I didn’t get my own outfits pic in my camera !!!
This is what I only haveSnap by Meiyen

âPhoto by Albee
âPhoto by MayFun
âPhoto by Eiran
âPhoto by Albee
âPhoto by AnnieClaire
âPhoto by Mayfun
âPhoto by PlhilipChong

I was the 3rd to present my outfits
My  mom did call to tell that they was stuck in the traffic jam worry that they miss out but luckily they did came in time XD
But my friend was miss out.they stuck in the jam too ><”
Thankyou my friend for support XD
Miss out to take pic with u guys lah~