Monday, October 21

Last Fashion Show of my Academy Life!~

#Throwback = 16h October · FRI @Sg. Wang

Well… Bridal is the choice for those who is graduate soon or the last pieces outfit for the last show…
My concept is easy…I © pink a lot & I wanted to be on my last piece of design…end up to my bridal design with PINK & white colours...& of course flowers too***

Feeling meh~ we need to meet up at the academy before the show for a group pic?!
Form house > (IFTC)Sunway Mentari > Sg. Wang feeling kinda wasting petrol…WHY dun we just have a group pic at the stage of the show?~~~
as usual.BLACK code for designers~
Show start on 8.00pm~ After snaping the group pic is started to rain already (& I realize every time we had fashion show the day raining) Driving along the raining day to sg wang ~& luckily I put my bridal on car 1st before its rain…phew…

25mins later ... >tol >roundabout >parking...REACH !

Opps..everything I had passed to my mom include my phone…If not for sure can have some backstage pic with models…
hmm..just manage having pic after the show with 2 pretty models*
Ý aiks..l00king at different camera >.<”

I can say the arrangement of the model outing is a mess this time~ prefer the last show..
A little mess such as…which is which outfits come 1st to wear, switches model outfit without fitting & then can’t fit in during the show etc…


1…2..3……….13 okay is my turn ~
Ý Here’s come the model….

Ý Turn > Post

Ý Here’s come the designer ~ wee vit”   (nah..din l00k at the camera )

& there is a little secret`~~~ I FORGOT TO PUT ON THE BELT for the MODEL !!!
I say the backstage was a mess~ that’s why I FORGOT TO PUT ON THE BELT !!!
#feeling sad…feeling not perfect anymore  T.T

Last pic > of a group photo~

Spot the trophy hand holding? OH well…I din get any prizes…caz…there are SUPER bridal which they worth the prizes more ~ :)

Ý 1st = Jason 

Ý 2nd =LEFT    3rd =RIGHT

 Ý Not all pic are mine*

#feeling satisfied

© x.o.x.o © 

Sunday, October 20

Photoshoot of #Japanese Theme ~

#Throwback = 15th October · Tues

Yeah ~ The new photoshoot of my outfit & of course the collaborate with GELLY WEE the young famous makeup artist ~ She just set up her new studio couples a month ago… & we was invite to her studio for the makeup preparation of a Japanese theme that we wana shoot  :D
Model : Noelle Yuen
A very humble + friendly person…
She listen to the photographer direction every time to get the quality of photo we wanted “
clap clap*
 #Behind the screen
A very nice team work to work with~
Gelly the mua / Seann the photographer /Jason the assistant photographer
 #Sneak Peak

The happy moment is awaiting for the nice picha !  :D
A big thankful of the day itself , no raining because weather is bad during this few weeks…
TQ everyone for this hardwork..
#Thankful ©