Saturday, December 24

Merry X'mas !



Merry Christmas to you !

Friday, December 23

Post for Shoot !

Photoshoot section ! (In school)

Every ‘ladies’ have to wear like the most pretty ever just for one shoot~
 $ Ahha~ Angel skip the photography for some reason~
$ Make up~ 
$ Reenee was teaching how to post~ 
But...we are having our own photography section all around~ hahax...
Photography section is just to train us while facing on a camera, to post well like artistry, and catch the timing while the photographer snap the pic (not to close the eyes) and also learn self confidence while facing on the camera...~


Saturday, December 10

X'mas Fashion!

WE wish you a merry X’mas…We wish you a merry X’mas...!


My mom & I went to The Mines to enjoy the year end SALES ...
Shop  Shop Shop
& we found something interesting...


Christmas Dress Up Show !

Oh man~
I didn’t bring my camera...end up of using Hp Camera~ ~  ~
Blur~ ~ ~

$ Angel ^^
 $ Gorgeous  ^^
 $ Kawaii ^^ mom keep wana having photos with cute decorated contestants !  
 $ Happy Feet ^^
 $ 4year’s old
the youngest baby contestants 
Look at the shoes~ so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeee !

Lets celebrate x’mas with this cuTEee environment !