Saturday, June 30

Angel's F.L.O.R.A Headband ♥♥♥

Angel request for a floraheadring
So i made it for her as her request XD

Tutorial :

This is all we need â
Flower â  
((choose whatever you like) ♥ )
Wire â  
Tape â  
Round Thingy ( Bowl / Round Tupperware / etc) â  

1st Grab around 4 5 wire & twist them together to thighten it â
 2nd  Twist the wire around the round thingy to make a round shape â

( Choose a round thingy thing that is fit with your head size )
(Make a cross over after finish turning a round♥ )
3rd  Wrap the wire with the tape round & round â
4th  Start to tired the flower onto the wire &  continue wrap on the tape â
(Second Flower & so on ♥ )
* 1/3
* 2/3
 * 3/3
5th  Till the last flower, make a ribbon & turn a few round of the tape to end it â



Wednesday, June 13