Sunday, January 27

The Lost Porcelain~

 Pass story on 24thJan-Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

~tik.tok.tik.tok~Where am I suppose to start my story?hmm..
well~there is someone who share me a photo with a girl lying inside a luggage~
suddenly some image was flash over my mind~ a huge present box”
then I was thinking about which outfits was suitable for this theme^^
Albee’s design..hah..presented on SUNWAY Fashion show too…

Hoho~theme of the shooting already have.. now what? Photographer.Mua.Model```
So we have here Bryan our potential young designer,who also could be the photographer ^^
he have a good fashion sense that we trusted so we us him as the photographer```
Model + Mua already settle in my mind~ tu.tu..tu.tu...(getting the permission to join the shooting..)
Yes..we did it~ they had agree ~ now what? BIG QUESTION MARK???
Where to find a BIG present box.. ?
We wanna find some left over paper box..but where to grab it? & we need such a big pieces~
I think is better to use a big cardboard than a paperbox.. Cardboard is harder then paperbox which can stand better as a huge present box.. :) 
teehee.finally.we spend some $ to buy some cardboard & fabric to wrap over like a present ~~~ 

.. D.I.Y time!!! ..
*Measure size . cut & combine Cardboard…
* Wrap Cardboard with Fabric …
*Tie Cardboard with Organza.. 
 SUN BURN !!!  SUN BURN !!! we reach the park 11 o’clock ++ … Set up the present box & decorate a little bit while waiting models from makeup studio to reach..OMG…weather is not that sunny,but there is always hidden sun spreading UV~Oh-man…till 1.30pm only manage to start our shooting~can u imagine we stay at the park in the afternoon like bbq~guess how am I hide from the sunlight?
#Huge present box by us :) 

#ThanksGod didn't rain :) #Sunburn #Satisfied 

Wana know more about the shoot ? Catch the next episode XP

Friday, January 25

#RESHOW on MOL gala night Fashion Show !

Lucky me . introduce by friend to be invited to join this show…
#MOL Gala Night Fashion Show
I grab a chance to reshow my outfits  :)  with a better runway & guest !
(Past Sunway fashionshow stage was small . runway was short . people was busy shopping rather than stop by to enjoy the show . can’t really present the outfits in a proper :x)
So I have also invited some of my colleagues to join.. (Sorry to those I dint ask)
Oh oh..the excited part was there are some VIP . TanSri

@ BerjayaTimeSquare @level 14th ManhattanBallroom
Guest Registration (Cocktail)
Appearance of Fairy & Photo Section
Arrival of God Of Prosperity
Fashion Show
Walk in with VIP to Dinner hall
Open Gambit - Lion Dance
VIP Opening Speech
Corporate Video Presentation
Food Presentation
24 Seasons Drum
Awards Presentation of Top 10 iCafe Affiliate Partners
Lucky Draw Round 1 (10 Draws)
Sand Art
Lucky Draw Round 2 (10 Draws)
Awards Presentation Top 10 Games Publishers
Belly Dance
Lucky Draw - Final Round (5 Draws)
Pole Dance
The End of Event

>< “ ARR…how could I forgot to bring along my CAMERA !!! Arh…
 My Smart Fon Camera not smart at all ~~~
but still manage to snap some pic~~~


@Me @YuenSzeTeng @EvelynMarieta

#Awaiting #Standby


*Last Pic from Joan



Monday, January 7

Tik T0k Time Flys~~~

Halo People…I’m Back in 2013 to continue BLOG ya!

What’s happening in JAN ???
 1st Shooting post in JAN …(not shoot me..lolz…)
I’m just enjoy to watch people shooting & I get a nice pic after that…
I’m not a professional but trying to be one …(act to be image stylist..nyek nyek)
Fashion shoot makes me feel happy while enjoying the photos which we have try to produces such as think for a theme, outfits, makeup, decorating the places etc..Is fun & memorable…

Thanks Friend for inviting me to joining as a part of it…really appreciate…
The more I be a part of it..The more experience I gain..The more portfolio I build…

Outifts: ME
Photographer: SEAN 

¯Simply made for the shoot ©©©
¯MUA with the model preparing  ©©©
¯Adjusting the background  ©©©
¯ Model Posing  ©©©
¯ Cik Cak  ©©©