Sunday, January 27

The Lost Porcelain~

 Pass story on 24thJan-Prophet Muhammad's Birthday

~tik.tok.tik.tok~Where am I suppose to start my story?hmm..
well~there is someone who share me a photo with a girl lying inside a luggage~
suddenly some image was flash over my mind~ a huge present box”
then I was thinking about which outfits was suitable for this theme^^
Albee’s design..hah..presented on SUNWAY Fashion show too…

Hoho~theme of the shooting already have.. now what? Photographer.Mua.Model```
So we have here Bryan our potential young designer,who also could be the photographer ^^
he have a good fashion sense that we trusted so we us him as the photographer```
Model + Mua already settle in my mind~ tu.tu..tu.tu...(getting the permission to join the shooting..)
Yes..we did it~ they had agree ~ now what? BIG QUESTION MARK???
Where to find a BIG present box.. ?
We wanna find some left over paper box..but where to grab it? & we need such a big pieces~
I think is better to use a big cardboard than a paperbox.. Cardboard is harder then paperbox which can stand better as a huge present box.. :) 
teehee.finally.we spend some $ to buy some cardboard & fabric to wrap over like a present ~~~ 

.. D.I.Y time!!! ..
*Measure size . cut & combine Cardboard…
* Wrap Cardboard with Fabric …
*Tie Cardboard with Organza.. 
 SUN BURN !!!  SUN BURN !!! we reach the park 11 o’clock ++ … Set up the present box & decorate a little bit while waiting models from makeup studio to reach..OMG…weather is not that sunny,but there is always hidden sun spreading UV~Oh-man…till 1.30pm only manage to start our shooting~can u imagine we stay at the park in the afternoon like bbq~guess how am I hide from the sunlight?
#Huge present box by us :) 

#ThanksGod didn't rain :) #Sunburn #Satisfied 

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