Monday, January 7

Tik T0k Time Flys~~~

Halo People…I’m Back in 2013 to continue BLOG ya!

What’s happening in JAN ???
 1st Shooting post in JAN …(not shoot me..lolz…)
I’m just enjoy to watch people shooting & I get a nice pic after that…
I’m not a professional but trying to be one …(act to be image stylist..nyek nyek)
Fashion shoot makes me feel happy while enjoying the photos which we have try to produces such as think for a theme, outfits, makeup, decorating the places etc..Is fun & memorable…

Thanks Friend for inviting me to joining as a part of it…really appreciate…
The more I be a part of it..The more experience I gain..The more portfolio I build…

Outifts: ME
Photographer: SEAN 

¯Simply made for the shoot ©©©
¯MUA with the model preparing  ©©©
¯Adjusting the background  ©©©
¯ Model Posing  ©©©
¯ Cik Cak  ©©©