Monday, November 7

Mifw - fitting

MIFW is near to the corner !
Hey peeps, have you grab the free ticket from Fahrenheit88 ???

I have grab it already~ cant wait to watch the show~
wee ~♥♥

The show will head on ZEBRA SQUARE??? 

Where is that place??? New build my dear ! Just follow the map...
Before a fashion is moving on! 
the most important thing is to done fitting~
with a suitable outfits~ model will be able to present the best styling of your outfits!

Date: 5 & 6 NOV 2011
Time: 9.00am- 6.00++pm
Location: Maya Hotel
Event: Fitting 

ANDREW’s Models ~
This TAG is use to wrote the sequins of the models & also for the outfits which to been show first!
Just hang on the hanger with the outfits...

My work station ~ messy~ messy~
 The railing is to hung the designer outfits~ 
Some other designer do provide shoes too~
 Phew ><” a little break time... cheese*
 Oh ya...Forgot to tell you guys what is our job~~~
we work as a dresser!
try on those cloth & shoes on model~
fit them..aha... XD
Taadaa... we dress them up~~~

Would you marry me???
with this bridal... I DO... lol...

 I want to be a famous designer specialise on bridal too~~~
I want I want !!!