Saturday, September 17

MASIF ♥ 2011

Imma joining a fashion show which is MASIF 2011 !

Location: KLCC outdoor
Date:16Sept2011 (1 m'sia day)

I did 2 piece of design + sew it up…
My main design is with leopard print + electric blue + black colour ~
We use one month++ to finish our outfits…
During this month we are BUSY PEASY 
(Sketch design + choose fabric + compare price etc..)
We use more than one month++ to finish our outfits…
Even thou the day before the show start…

Hmm~ prior week before the show, we gotta *fitting
I though Reenee was my model… but…
Oh well~ gotta wait for another
model fitting~
Ends up of Katherine & Fancy present my outfits…
Thx to them x.o.x.o

Outlook of me before show start ~
*ChikCak around ~

Having Picha with my teacher "K"


Its Show Time  >.^

 Part one !!! spot me ~~~
 Part two !!! spot me ~~~
 Part three !!! spot me ~~~
 Spot me ??? ~ teehee ^^

END ♥ x.o.x.o