Thursday, September 8

MELAKA 3Days 2Nights Trip !

Havent BLOG for a long long time ~ But now…Imma back !

A few day past we (me/papa &mama) went to MELAKA for holiday~ (ENJOY)
We book a room at the CONTINENTAL HOTEL…
Out from house bout 7am ++ …Reach there bout 11am ++…
Then we take a rest at the room & have a short walk (quite far)

1st building we saw was ST. PETER CHURCH MELAKA …

we was also hunting for food…especially the famous chicken rice ball~
but we cant find it so we just have normal chicken rice for lunch

Then,walk walk walk …opps.reach somewhere ~
looks familiar right ???

Pass by…snap*police station ==
Take from top way to ST. PAUL CHURCH …

climb-ing the stairs…

opps..i reach 1st ^^

Kota A’Famosa


ARH…the weather was so hot! (normal lah in m’sia==)
so went to Mahkota Prade to feel the air-cond ~ wee’’ XD

Broom~~~  …my mom… XD


After 1 round..walk back to this area again~

We found the famous chicken rice stall = dinner~

Second day = having bot to check out the area of the riverside~

& also we went to JONKER STREET…not much pic”
(most of the stall not allow to take pic)

end of the street~