Saturday, November 19

Islamic Fashion Festival !

Oh mama-mia~~~ Another fashion event”
Guess what? Is IFF = Islamic Fashion Festival
Start from 11Nov - 18Nov *If not mistaken
Headed on J.W Marriot Hotel !!!
What’s the business of mine ???
Yo…Imma Backstage crew~~~*Part time 17/18 Nov


Wow… so enjoying the show while eating~

Model walk strategy *Backstage

Last show~ sneak out to watch it ><” *Shh
*The Enchandting Edo Era
damn nice collection♥♥♥~

wear by: TINIE
*This red one is so HEAVY!


Another piece that I memories most is JOVIAN MANDAGIE collection~

I feel that it was so so so special piece that I 1st saw ~ made by BATIK!
Modern! Creative! BraVo! & SpeCial!!!
I cant recognize is done by batik till I observe carefully~~~
*No pic ~ is just this $

KEITH KEE~ also presented his Islamic collection on the final day~
Wow~ Amazing~
Malay + Chinese elements cooperation ! *Yeng dao

Final end of IFF = Tired + Happy ~

 Saw some of the local designer amazing Collection!
Although is Islamic Fashion but could make it like a different way of  Creation  just like keith Kee Chinese feel , Melinda Looi Japanese Samurai feel ~
♥ it~