Saturday, January 4

#Internship part2

Well…After a month of intern…At least I sharpen some of my skill~
without intern…I have no idea not bad is my work compare to the professional one~
But my cutting was so worst~ IDK why every time I cut the fabric it looks like *dog bite…
The Bangladesh tailor was sewing the fabric that I had cut ~ he show me what I have cut~~~ feeling MEH ! @#$%^&

CNY is around the corner…they keep rushing their work OT. OT & OT…
But not me~I don’t want to work till late ~10hours work I feeling exhausted already~

Tips for making Chinese button~ 4 inches must be balance on the left & right side”
 Then handsew on the Chinese collar…
Flat ribbon is more tough to tie the knot~ is hard to adjust~
I think I have tag more that 20pair of that…
Also…I did do some fabric cutting while the fabric cutter was on MC~
I realize the way of  how to save fabric & also straight line is so important while cutting the fabric~~~
This is the way they point on the fabric to been sew~
Not like my academy tracing the whole line and sew~
Big different from the professional one~