Wednesday, November 6

Messy Room ~~~

Now >>> I’m officially graduated & awaiting for a job opportunity … 
I had went to 2 different company for interview on 29OCT & now awaiting for their reply~ 1st time interview & my mom wants my dad to follow~nah.. I’m not small anymore..i can handle ~~~

Yesterday was too free & start to cleaning up my room by throwing away the extra nonsense things which made my room to the limited space > <” my mom use to brought me those large boxes to keep all my stuff…but it’s always not enough to keep…I have no ideas Y ???

I push all the cupboard out and wipe all the corner and push it back…it was so damn dusty & the cloth turn blackie ! 
& I have alot of magazine duno where to keep ~ I dun wan recycle them because is still useful for me ~~~

Sigh* spend a lot of energy to clear & clean up the mess ~~~ took me one whole day… 
After that went out with old buddy to have a drink  x chit chat … took almost a year never meet up```