Wednesday, November 14

Friend's Belated Birthday Celebration !

Aloha…Feel free to blog a little today…
Well its public holiday & of cause would be free ha..

Its one of my classmate “burpday” but it was last FRI
Then we celebrated with “Belated” which mean on MON…
& this post will be like happen on ytd,ytd&ytd…
(late post anyway)

Ugh…We haven’t prepare a gift.. (idk wat to buy?)
So Y.y & I hunt for gift in the morning in Sunway Pyramid…
(Panic to choose a present in last min,how if couldn't get one? )
We shop with the whole shopping center & finally get this:

We choose with ©©©
A bracelet but yet full of meaning & interested story…
(Wana know??? Muahaha)
Story time:
Once upon a time…Lolx.. 
There is a Bunny(She was the bunny)
bring along a Camera
to fulfill her Dream
which is went to Paris
& continue study (Fashion Design) (Made with sewing machine)
& create her own Brand(with lots of pretty dresses)

 Interesting ??? (Say YES)

@ First Subang –LOUDSPEAKER singK
Hapi Belated Burpday ya !!! Albee..
I © to cal her BeeBee..
2nd round @ The Library
(The most less alcohol l!! )

© X.O.X.O ©